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The Democratic republic of Congo is one of the countries which abound in immense mining resources such as Diamond, Copper, Cobalt, Gold, Coltan, etc whose reserves remain still unexpected and unexploited.

As a main door for the mining investors, the CAMI is the instrument privileged for the promotion and the development of the mining investments to best of the interests of the investors, the State and the Congolese People as a whole.

The CAMI is a Public corporation in administrative and technical matter with legal personality and the administrative and financial autonomy. It is placed under the supervision of the Ministers having the Mines and Finances in their attributions, each one intervening there in the sphere of its attributions.

Within the framework of the new mining policy of the Democratic republic of Congo (DRC) as defined by the new Mining Code (2002) and the Mining Regulation (2003), it was created a Public service of the State called CADASTRE MINIER, in summary "CAMI".

Before the nomination of the Steering committee, cadastral pre activities were carried out since October 2002 by a team of the Mines Inspectorate, within the framework of the project "Installation of a Mining cadastre and a Recording System" financed by the World Bank.

From the installation of the central CAMI, the counters were opened to the mining operators in activity for the operations of transformation of their mineral rights and/or quarries, of setting in conformity of the perimeters, reformulation of the demands pending or declaration of force majeure (the case of absolute necessity).

The CAMI is directed by :
An administration staff : the Council of the Mining Land register,
A management staff : the Steering committee,
And it is controlled financially by the College of the External Listeners.

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